About Katina Demetri-Meade

Is a leading aesthetician and facialist and has been in the beauty industry for over 33 years. She has lectured in Anatomy and Physiology, Facial Therapies, Advanced Skin Care,  Body Therapies and Nutrition to name a few.

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How Katina Demetri-Meade Work

“I don’t believe ageing should be erased but we can enhance the skin as we move on in life.”

As a facialist and lecturer with over 34 years of experience I have worked with facialists and researched facial massage techniques from all over the world.

I have developed a facial mimetic muscle massage technique to evoke a lifting and sculpting response. The technique will aid cell regeneration and the facial essentially encompasses all the anatomical and physiological systems of the face.

Essentially, the facial massage works to support the physiology of all the tissues and structures of the face.

Working with performance led skincare (not all skin care is made equal) paired with expert treatments, we can evoke skin responses bespoke to each clients skin care concerns.

Muscle Tissue

The unique factor regarding muscle, is that muscle tissue has a memory and by adapting precise techniques we can train a muscle to ‘remember where it sits’ to lift and sculpt the face. It is important to highlight that unlike the skeletal muscles the attach to bone the facial muscles attach to the skin of the face. Therefore a toned facial muscle will support the skin beautifully.

The effective technique of cross fibre work used in sports massage inspired me to focus on easing tension from tight facial muscles that create deep expression lines helping to soften and ease wrinkle depth.

Reducing muscle, joint restriction (jaw), aids the flow of circulation systems and nerve signaling.

Bone Tissue

Bone density reduces with age resulting in hollowing of facial contours and ‘dropping’ of skin tissue.

However, massage can help increase and maintain bone density and bone health. By easing restrictions within muscle fibres we can improve the delivery and circulation of the specialised cells that improve Bone density by increasing bone metabolism and improving biochemical markers to increase our bone formation and health particularly in menopausal woman.

Skin Fat Deposits

Health of subcutaneous fat is essential, ‘normal’ fat deposits small cells with the fat have been found to *secrete adiponectin, which positively influences dermal fibroblasts, increasing collagen and hyaluronic acid production. As well as storing energy, it functions as a padding to protect your muscles and bones and it serves as a passageway for nerves and blood vessels between your skin and your muscles and fatty cells house crucial nutrients.
Massage helps maintain a healthy volume of fat and aids the increase in production of *collagen and Hyaluronic acid.

Nerve Tissue & Hormones

Massage promotes coherent signaling improving all systems of the face. To function correctly, nerves should be free from compression. Sometimes tense muscles end up pushing against nerves, causing them to become compressed and and effect nerve transmission. Specific massage techniques can help reduce that pressure, helping ease nerve compression whilst also improving the nerve’s functionality. Massage helps to balance hormones by regulating or stimulating: serotonin – impacting irritability, depression, pain and behavior. dopamine – impacting intuition, inspiration, joy, enthusiasm, focus, and attention …


Working with lymphatic flow is essential to reduce fluid retention/pooling/bloating in the face and aid removal of waste which can make the skin look dull and lifeless and congested.

Improving circulation of blood flow to allows the skin cells to bathe in nutrient rich blood that will nourish and stimulate skin cellular functions. ‘Nudging’ stem cells to regenerate/behave and migrate in a uniform manner which encourages a healthier more compact epidermis (skin surface) that will give a more even appearance, be smoother to the touch and reflect the lift giving you back your glow.

By stimulating the skins deeper dermal matrix cells we can encourage the production of collagen and Hyaluronic Acid resulting in improved density and thickness/plumpness of the skin.

Stress Relief

Working across pressure points that relate to body parts, results in an uplifting and relaxing treatment. Also, most importantly, massage reduces anxiety & stress, thus creating more coherent messages from the brain to the skins genes to produce better quality proteins e.g. collagen. Hence the more stressed you are, the more ‘aged’ your skin will look

About VenusInspired

Venus Inspired, aesthetic specialists and holistic beauty spa. We have established ourselves within the local area, specialising in aesthetic and beauty facial and body care, with a holistic approach – treating each client as a whole, focusing also on their nutrition and lifestyle.

My team of highly skilled aesthetic therapists will bring to you not only their professional expertise, but also their own unique treatment skills.

Our Product Range

Our large retail boutique provides clients with a select range of medical grade, cosmaceuticals and beauty products including Alumier MD, SkinCeuticals, Medik8, Omorovicza, Revitalash, DECLÉOR and OPI nail care.